D-A-S-H: building networks against discrimination

D-A-S-H dossiers appear three to four times a year and present projects that deal with forms of social and political ostracism and that fight xenophobia and racism. Each issue is dedicated to a topic of current relevance.
D-A-S-H operates open collections of information and links and an independent search engine connected to an own web directory. Together with our newsletters this makes research easy and effective.
D-A-S-H provides a wide variety of possibilities for using the internet and offers qualified advice and support to ongoing as well as new projects. D-A-S-H workshops allow activist groups to share their experience and learn more about self-determined ways of dealing with media and the new communication technologies.
D-A-S-H supports innovative and creative projects organized by young people using the new media for networking against racism and discrimination.

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Dossier #5: Initiatives against extreme-right influence on music and youth culture is available in English language.

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building networks against discrimination
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