New concepts against racism and discrimination

It is not enough to only want a world free of racism and discrimination. In order to change things, action is needed – effective and intelligent forms of action, which not only pose questions, but also give answers; action with the power to connect ideas and initiatives; action which involves and exemplifies new perspectives on how to overcome social injustice.

There are thousands of groups and individuals who thoughtful and active. And there are many groups who have already expanded their work by the creative use of new media. Together they have at their disposal a rich variety of experience and a wealth of innovative concepts which, once combined and made public, can help other groups to find and develop ideas for activities of their own – regardless of whether they are already active or just planning to be. D-A-S-H here introduces antifascist and antiracist projects which put into practice concepts that can be used as models for further projects, and which offer insight into the variety of possibilities for the future.

Projects 2001
Twelve projects, supported by D-A-S-H because they can be used as models for other projects in the future.