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The JFF – Institut für Medienpädagogik in Forschung und Praxis is not responsible for the contents of websites, which can be reached by hyperlinks from pages under the domain d-a-s-h.org.

D-A-S-H is sponsored by the Bundesministerium für Familie, Senioren, Frauen und Jugend (BMFSFJ) (Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Seniors, Women and Youth), Sonderprogramm Jugend für Toleranz und Demokratie, gegen Rechtsextremismus, Fremdenfeindlichkeit und Antisemitismus.

D-A-S-H is further supported by the Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung (BpB) (Federal Center for Political Education).

What is D-A-S-H?

D-A-S-H is for young people engaged in creating a world free of discrimination and racism. D-A-S-H supports and connects groups and individuals in Europe who are either already active or want to get started. D-A-S-H provides access to knowledge and resources which enable active groups to deal with the media independently and in an manner suited to their own needs. D-A-S-H combines activities and campaigns, information and different points of view, offering the chance to reflect on these at different levels and from different perspectives. D-A-S-H connects political commitment with media education know-how in a single project on the net and beyond.

What does D-A-S-H have to offer?

D-A-S-H publishes a monthly dossier. Each issue is devoted to a topic of current interest and includes material on the topic, links to related websites, and information on events.

D-A-S-H Training offers workshops and seminars in which active groups can acquire skills in networked communication, and learn about web design and publishing strategies. This training is complemented by conferences providing the opportunity to share different experiences of and perspectives on networking and virtual cooperation.

D-A-S-H Service helps activist groups find the right solution for individual projects and, if needed, offers a wide variety of technical services. The focus here is on building networks: if need be, D-A-S-H will provide the required technology and know-how. If it is possible, however, D-A-S-H prefers to act as the matchmaker between activists and the individuals, institutions and initiatives which can best provide the necessary capabilities and resources.

D-A-S-H supports active groups in need of consultation, support and additional resources in order to realise innovative ideas. D-A-S-H supports projects whose ways of implementing new concepts of networking against racism and discrimination can be used as models for further projects.

The search engine D-A-S-H query is developed together with information retrieval experts to make projects and activities easier accessable. The beta-version searches 500,000 German webpages stored in a regularly updated cache. While D-A-S-H query offers the same preference settings commercial search engines do, only relevant sites are searched.

Whom does D-A-S-H support?

  • projects contributing to networking by bringing together a variety of activities and initiatives, by connecting different perspectives on and motives for action.
  • projects directed to a broader public by giving access to information, by clarifying context, by asking questions and indicating possible answers.
  • projects enabling new forms of action by expanding already existing activities onto the web, by sensibly using the new media and by developing concepts that can be used as models for further projects. – projects enabling people to become active by promoting a self-determined use of different media, by making knowledge available, and by sharing experience.

What does D-A-S-H want?

  • to establish up-to-date forms of solidarity through and beyond the process of networking.
  • to test new models of democratic participation through creative ways of dealing with various media.
  • to support processes of self-determination which question social discrimination and encourage new perspectives on overcoming these practices

What does D-A-S-H mean?

A dash is a symbol of association and combination. As a punctuation mark, it connects thoughts and provides room for associations and sudden inspirations. A dash allows you to add a critical remark, and calls on you to take a breath for a second and just reflect.

»Dash« is also that little pinch of something that can improve or spoil a dish. »Dash« can signify sudden and rapid movement of an individual or a group. »Dash« means determination and enthusiasm.

Nevertheless »dash« most often implies violence, as in »dashing heads« and »dashing dreams«, i.e. the shattering of heads and dreams. The ambiguity of »dash« reflects the contradiction and inconsistency of the circumstances in which D-A-S-H has set its goal of supporting and connecting those groups and individuals working with determination and energy against racist discrimination and violence.