Dossier #6: Residency Rights for Victims of Racist Violence
The campaign initiated by agOra, the Working Committee for Counseling Projects for Victims of Racist, Extreme-Right and Anti-Semitic Violence. This campaign is committed to unlimited residency rights for refugees and migrants who have become victims of racist violence.
Dossier #5: Initiatives against extreme-right influence on music and youth culture
What influence does music have on how young people develop their own political opinions? What influence do extreme-right musicians and bands have on different music scenes and youth cultures? Why is it well-received in some genres, but not in others? These are some of the questions we will try to answer in our fifth dossier.
Dossier #4: Strategies against right-wing extremism on the net
A look at internet projects and initiatives which deal with Nazis on the net in very different ways and in so doing, provide material for a discussion on the various strategies.
Dossier #2: Racism in the stadium
Debates, events and projects that deal with racism in the stadium, and in so doing explores methods of media communication and networking.
Dossier #1: Freedom of movement
Debates, events and projects that deal with the so-called »Residenzpflicht«, while exploring methods of media communication and networking.

Dossiers include an introduction to the topic, interviews with people that influence the current debate with their activities, background material, introduction of especially interesting projects, commented link collections and further ressources.

More dossiers in German language can be found on the German version of this page.