The second annual »summer festival« has taken place in Weimar, featuring a week of activities and a conference on Residenzpflicht. Last year, a game of Völkerball (a kind of ball game) taking place on the Weimar county lines was broadcast on the radio and internet, bringing attention to the contradiction of globalization on the one hand, and the restrictions exercised in Germany on refugees’ and migrants’ freedom of movement on the other hand. In July of this year, international web artists, media activists and theorists met on the net, on the air and on location at an exhibition in Weimar to address the issue of Residenzpflicht.


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Dossier #1: Debates, events and projects that deal with the so-called "Residenzpflicht", while exploring methods of media communication and networking.

  1. Freedom of Movement
  2. What is Residenzpflicht?
    (Anke Schwarzer)
  3. Resistance against Residenzpflicht
    (Anke Schwarzer)
  4. Residenzpflicht – no change in sight
    (Anke Schwarzer)
  5. Freedom of movement – an essential human right
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  7. The Flüchtlings-Voice
  8. »We need to become more active …« (Indymedia-Interview)
  9. Relevant links
  10. Dates