D-A-S-H Internet-Workshop

The internet workshop at D-A-S-H was created to provide practical knowledge of and skills in networked communication, multimedia applications and design, and publication strategies as well as to explore the opportunities and perspectives made possible through networking and virtual cooperation. The workshop will address concerns and practical matters arising out of practical work against social, political and cultural ostracism in three subject areas: information management, online public relations and networking.

Remscheid: 24.-26.8.2001
Huell: 14.-16.9.2001
Tutzing: 21.-23.9.2001
Werftpfuhl: 5.-7.10.2001

Wizards of OS 2

»Defending freedom of knowledge is probably the most important task that we will face in the future,« said Professor Norbert Szyperski at the Wizards of OS 1. WOS 2 wants to take up this challenge and promote an open culture of free knowledge.

International conference in the Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin

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Dossier #1: Debates, events and projects that deal with the so-called "Residenzpflicht", while exploring methods of media communication and networking.

  1. Freedom of Movement
  2. What is Residenzpflicht?
    (Anke Schwarzer)
  3. Resistance against Residenzpflicht
    (Anke Schwarzer)
  4. Residenzpflicht – no change in sight
    (Anke Schwarzer)
  5. Freedom of movement – an essential human right
  6. <type=radio~border=0>
  7. The Flüchtlings-Voice
  8. »We need to become more active …« (Indymedia-Interview)
  9. Relevant links
  10. Dates