The Flüchtlings-Voice

Since March 2001, a new voice has been making itself heard among refugees in Germany – on paper. Refugees in Brandenburg are working on the »Flüchtlings-Voice«, which gives them the opportunity to take stands on official policies and present the every-day problems encountered by refugees. But their main concern is to make German laws clear to other refugees and thereby explain – in four different languages – what their rights and obligations are. The »Flüchtlings-Voice« is published monthly and is free to refugees. Four issues have appeared so far with contributions from refugees throughout Germany. »Flüchtlings-Voice« can be ordered from:

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Dossier #1: Debates, events and projects that deal with the so-called "Residenzpflicht", while exploring methods of media communication and networking.

  1. Freedom of Movement
  2. What is Residenzpflicht?
    (Anke Schwarzer)
  3. Resistance against Residenzpflicht
    (Anke Schwarzer)
  4. Residenzpflicht – no change in sight
    (Anke Schwarzer)
  5. Freedom of movement – an essential human right
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  7. The Flüchtlings-Voice
  8. »We need to become more active …« (Indymedia-Interview)
  9. Relevant links
  10. Dates